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wave_aisha_erin_model [Converted].png

Modeling Wave Behavior

Date: Spring 2017


Aisha Dev


Rhino + Grasshopper

Modeling Wave Behavior

For this project my partner and I were tasked with creating a 3D model and animation abstractly based of the mathematics of ocean waves.


Wave motion is created when water particles move in circular path, the deeper the particle, the smaller the circle. The particles are moving up and down, not being displaced to the left or right, as it appears to the eye.

sine wave.png

Form Animation with Grasshopper

Working from the idea of continuous rotation, we created rotational arcs from a singular emitter point. We developed into an animated form that continuously converged and diverged, each set of spheres following spherical arcs.


Experimental Form Creation

In created a 3D printable model we replaced the path of the spheres with cylindrical tubes. Below is the mesh of the model made in Rhino using Grasshopper.

wave_aisha_erin_model [Converted].png

Final Model

Project and Modeling Summary

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