erin ryan

Lunar Gala

Date: Ongoing

Role: Motion Designer


Sophie Chen

Ikjong Choi

John Lee


Motion Design

After Effects

Lunar Gala: Motion Design

Lunar Gala is one of Pittsburgh’s largest and most anticipated fashion events. Last year it sold out filling over 1200 seats each year with 140+ students involved in producing, designing, modeling, and dancing in the show. This year, the Motion Team and I are working to create motion assets while collaborating with the other creative teams to create and implement the show’s visual and brand experience.

My Role:

  • Production of the 2019 Promo video

  • Rapid exploration and iteration for development of motion assets for the theme video and day of show experience.

  • Collaborated with Print, and Web teams to establish and maintain a cohesive brand experience across all mediums.


Coming Soon!

Line videos and other day of show experience motion design are currently underway.